Hatching of the Daring Drake!

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Hatching of the Daring Drake!

Messagepar Flambeau du Matin » 10-14-2010

Pff, what a pain to have brood him all this time, even if we were many! But what a joy to finally see him flying on hiw own wings after some halting steps!
The Scriptarium association is proud to announce the birth of the first issue of the free fanzine Draco Venturus, devoted to roleplaying games, gamebooks and fantasy.

Among other things:

  • Titan, home of the Fighting Fantasy and Sorcery! gamebooks
  • The origin of the famous Kai Lords!
  • Port Bax, a major city of Durenor (dossier)
  • News about RPG and gamebooks (French-speaking market only)
  • EXCLUSIVE gamebook in the Sommerlund Isles (250 sections)

The staff welcomes any input and proposal for collaboration, be it from author, editors or illustrators.

We wish you pleasant reading!


Lair or the Dragon (download section of the French website)
Larder of the Dragon (English forum)
Chez Flamby, y'a une languette sous tous les pots. Pour démouler, c'est plus rigolo !!!

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