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Welcome on (the) board!

Messagepar Flambeau du Matin » 10-14-2010

Welcome, fellow heroes, on the English board for Scriptarium!

Scriptarium is the publishing for Draco Venturus, a webzine devoted to the revival of gamebooks. This board is the place for discussing everything related to gamebooks, rpg out of gamebooks (like the Lone Wolf franchise) and their universes (Titan, Magnamund, Orb, variant Earth...)

Scriptarium is mainly a French language place. But we are eager to publish in English, as long as we have proficient translators and proofreaders! Also, some products, like artbook, are pretty much language-insensitive. Every English speaker is welcome to post here for any question (not only translation questions!), including discussions about peculiar events and places - most of the staff here is English-savvy. Finally, this is also here you will get our announcements in English!

Long live Scriptarium! Long live the Daring Drake!
Chez Flamby, y'a une languette sous tous les pots. Pour démouler, c'est plus rigolo !!!

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