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Re: Joe Dever, 1956-2016

Posté : 01-18-2017
par BlackCat
La famille de Joe nous invite à faire un don pour la recherche sur le cancer.

The family has chosen the charity “Cancer Research UK” for the many people who have made enquiries for how make a donation in memory of Joe.

Donations can be made:
1. directly to the charity via the internet link :

or 2. for those attending the memorial service, by completing the form given at: ... n_form.pdf

Place the completed form, together with your donation (if it's a cheque or cash), in a sealed envelope and pass it to Barry Aldous at the chapel. In either case, please ensure that you mark that your donation is in “MEMORY OF JOE DEVER”

Many thanks,

Re: Joe Dever, 1956-2016

Posté : 01-19-2017
par BlackCat
Si vous ne pouvez assister à la cérémonie en l'honneur de Joe lundi prochain, un fan a créé un événement sur Facebook accessible à tous.

Hello Kai brothers and sisters. Like many of you I am still reeling at Joe's passing. I was hoping to attend the memorial service on Monday but cannot. I have decided to read Flight from the Dark around this time instead. In fact, it occured to me that others might want to do the same. Those who cannot spare that much time might instead wish to pick a random number to show they are thinking of Joe instead. For this purpose, I have created a Poll on my LW Facebook group. The result is the equipment you discover at the start of Flight from the Dark - it seemed quite appropriate as this is a time of both an end and a beginning, and none of the results are bad!

More info on Facebook, here's the links:

Poll/Info: ... 572047910/