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Lone Wolf Adventure Game

Posté : 06-20-2015
par Cdang
Posté sur FB hier (vendredi 19/06/2015) : les premier exemplaires sont arrivés !..

Joe Dever a écrit :Some very exciting news just in!

Cubicle Seven have today received advance copies of the Lone Wolf Adventure Game at their office in Swindon, UK. These were specially flown to them ahead of the main shipments so that they can check that everything is OK. And it certainly is!

Jon Hodgson (Art Director) is currently recording a video of the unboxing so that all the Kickstarter backers can see everything in much greater detail. It will be edited and uploaded as soon as possible. He is so delighted with the finished product that he took these photos for you to see straight away.

Jon has confirmed that the shipment has begun its journey to C7 warehouses in the USA and UK. I will keep you posted of their progress and post a link to the unboxing video as soon as I receive it.

For Sommerlund and the Kai!

Re: Lone Wolf Adventure Game

Posté : 06-20-2015
par Floribur
Ouaip, et les images sont à pleurer.
Comme disent les anglophones : "can't wait..."

Re: Lone Wolf Adventure Game

Posté : 02-17-2016
par Solaris
Les illustrations sont du même artiste que pour The One Ring et c'est tout simplement magnifique !
On attend maintenant la VF chez Scriptarium ;)

Au passage, le fond de la boite sert pour les règles de jeu ?
Comment, en quelques mots, fonctionnent les règles, vous le savez ?